General Cleaning

Make Time For Yourself

This option is best for homes in good condition that need professional cleaning. 

How To Clean

When it comes to cleaning, you are in charge. You can hire a professional cleaner to do all the cleaning: bath, kitchen, vacuum, mop the floor. There is an additional charge for cleaning inside the appliances.

Maintaining & Care

When booking a recurring service, we will refer the same cleaner so that you can be confident that the cleaner knows your home well and will provide excellent service.

Whether you live in an apartment or a traditional house, your cleaning requirements are essential. Ensure an unmistakable, uncluttered aesthetic. At Classy Maids, we know how to meet the unique needs of Florida residents. We can provide robust referrals. Let us give you a beautiful and clean home to live in.

Please find below a list of rates for general cleaning.
Perfect for people who keep their place clean or use professional cleaning services for your AIRBNB properties.

General Cleaning Includes:

  • Through dusting of entire home
  • Bathroom sanitization and cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Through cleaning of kitchen cabinets (outside only)
  • Wiping down counter tops
  • Polish appliances exterior

Additional services can be combined with general cleaning.

Moving in or out? Do you need to customize your cleanings or add hours for a deeper clean?

We offer a same-day cleaning service. Please call us at (813) 553-3055 to check availability.

Studio / 1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
4 Bedroom
3,000 sq ft
4,000 sq ft
5,000 sq ft
Please call for pricing
6,000 sq ft
Please call for pricing
7,000 sq ft

We recommend hourly rates if you need a custom cleaning service. An hourly rate for one person is $50, and a minimum of three hours is required. A two-person requires crew is a rate of $100 per hour and requires a 2-hour minimum. Please call for more details.


  • Inside Oven Cleaning – $29.00
  • Inside Fridge – $29.00
  • Organizing – $50.00 / hour / person
  • Wash & Dry Laundry – $15.00 / load
  • Washing Dishes – $20.00
  • Balcony Cleaning – $29.00 / balcony
  • Patio Cleaning – $$59.00 / patio
  • Interior Window Cleaning – $5.00 / window
  • Windows & Blinds Combo – $15.00 / set
  • Glass Patio/Balcony Door $ 15.00
  • Cat Clean Up – $15.00
  • Dog Clean Up – (price varies based off sq ft of yard)

Let’s make something beautiful together.