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Organizer Rates

There is no doubt that my professional organizer rates are competitive and reflect the value I provide to my Tampa Bay and nationwide clients. Regarding costs, I greatly appreciate and honor your concerns. Depending on your needs, I will manage your project within a budget in collaboration with you. Budgets are typically divided into two categories. In the first case, we will consider the budget for my services, and also the budget for any organization tools that may need to be purchased (bins, containers, drawer dividers, etc.). We may be able to repurpose bins and baskets you already own, but you will probably have to make some purchases. Discounted package rates are available for clients who are interested in hiring me for large projects or multiple projects at once. 

Keep it simple and strive for excellence, not perfection.

Hourly Rate for Hands-On Organizing & Moving Services in Tampa Bay

$65/hour or $60/hour with a 20-hour package

Other Services & Package Rates:
  • 20-Hour Hands-On Package for any services – $1200 – Discounted down to $60/hr when purchased upfront — packages are non-refundable. I have a 4-hour minimum and an 8-hour maximum per session time cap. Any hours over 8 within 24 hours will be billed at time-and-a-half. Any hours over 20 will be charged at a lower rate.
  • Day Rate for Out-of-Town projects – $900 + All expenses paid, including airfare, accommodations, and transportation to/from all airports, including Tampa International. A full day is equal to 8 hours or less within 24 hours, or 0-8 hours (even if you do not use me at all, it’s still a full day’s charge). I am responsible for my own meals. If you require my services beyond 8 hours, additional hours will be billed at time and a half the current hourly rate.
  • Remote Professional Organizing – $75/hour – Must be purchased before the session. 2-hour minimum per session. With the use of images, video, FaceTime, Skype, and phone, I can help you from any location figure out a plan of action to get more organized. This is a very interactive way to work; you’ll get all my secrets and learn to think about how I feel when making decisions and coming up with solutions.
  • Organizing & Productivity Coaching Session – $75/hour – Must be purchased before the session. 2-hour minimum per session. This service is for those who simply need a game plan and personal guide along their journey to an organized living.
  • Monthly Maintenance Program – $190/month – This service is only available to current or past clients. This is for a 3-hour upkeep session. Just as you have a cleaning company come to your home to keep it clean, I will go and keep it neat and tidy so that the cleaners can do their job more effectively.
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