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Organizing Services

Let’s Find a Way to Achieve Work/Life Balance Together

Organization stretches beyond keeping your home clean. In other words, everything has a place. Our job as professional organizers is not to come in and toss everything away; we’ll help you organize your home or office together and de-clutter, together.

Professional Organizing Services

The Aspiring Student

An ideal solution for those who want to do most of the work themselves. People who know what needs to be done, but have difficulty visualizing logistically how to go about it. Together, let’s develop a plan!


The method is truly hands-on, and I am with you every step of the way. Coordinating and planning how to facilitate the work is part of the process. The work we do as a team is better and more efficient!

The Full Effect

Designed for those with little or no time or desire to devote to organizing. Consult with Jessica ahead of time, and devise a plan before handing the keys over. Put your feet up, relax, and let Jessica get you organized!

The Aspiring student-
The program design is intended for people who prefer to do most of the work themselves. You can expect me to spend about an hour in each of the rooms/spaces in your house or office. The first step is to train you on what you will be doing on your own throughout the entire process: like what questions to ask yourself about each item; which categories to place it in; how to classify objects, projects, etc., for that space, and on through each step of organizing, which is sorting and arranging. For self-motivated folks, the 10-hour package is excellent for demonstrating all the creative ways to store, display, design, rearrange furniture, and plan space! 

The Side-by-Side
There is no doubt that this service is the most popular. Side-by-side is a real hands-on experience. Whether you’re a procrastinator, have ADD, or need someone to hold you accountable, I’m with you. When we finish walking through all areas of concern, we will start with your highest priority space and get straight to work. We’ll start in one place, and I’ll guide the process; you’ll make the final decisions. I work quickly if that’s your pace; otherwise, I won’t rush you, but I’ll gently remind you if you veer off track. Have fun, but let’s get to work! After our first session, you will notice a noticeable difference. The 20-hour package is the most popular for this service. I recommend that clients take part in a minimum of four 5-hour sessions for this method of organizing services; this is how the entire project can be completed in four sessions. Procrastination is more likely to set in mid-project if there is more time in between sessions 

The Full Effect
Designed for those who do not have the time or interest to be involved in organizing. This method is excellent for managing spaces with a limited amount of items. Someone to organize, tidy up, and give everything a place. Depending on the types of areas, either package may be suitable. Once I see the sites in person, I can provide a time frame for the project. In addition to doing any hands-on work, I offer shopping services at the same hourly rate. It is intended for clients with a budget for new organizational tools, including bins, files, furniture, shelving units, bookcases, etc. Also, I can help you with DIY projects inspired by Pinterest

Call me to discuss your project at (813) 553-3055 or fill out an online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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