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Full Range of Assistant Services

“Time is what we want more and what we use worst.”
Be more productive and reduce your stress level.
Delegate your tasks to CMT to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Personal Assistant

You can do anything but not everything. Hire an assistant today and grow tomorrow.

Meal Prepping

Prep once, and eat healthy all week. If you are ready to save time preparing meals, you will love our meal prep program.

Cabinet/Closet Organization

Organization isn’t just about decluttering. In other words, it’s about implementing systems that will enable you to achieve your life goals.

Junk Removal

We can provide professional and efficient junk removal in a simple and affordable manner.

Move In/Move Out

Moving companies can be quite expensive. Save time and money by hiring CMT to help with your packing, cleaning and moving needs.

Private Event

CMT is proud to devote our services to your special event. From set-up to take down and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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